Hear From Our Clients

"First off, both Lori and Norm are phenomenal humans and regardless of whether or not you end up working with them, knowing them itself is rewarding. We had the opportunity to work with these wonderful individuals and couldn't be happier. Lori brings the utmost professionalism to the job and is thorough to the last detail when it comes to executing. Norm, with his depth of experience and vast knowledge of the real estate ecosystem, is able to guide you through the process and sometimes even help with the difficult choices throughout the process. Together they are impeccable and as I like to call them the 'dream team'. We took some time to decide what we wanted and both of them showed so much patience, understanding and demonstrated agility to switch to our sometimes changing asks. We never felt rushed, always felt very well-informed. Both my wife and I are extremely happy having worked with Lori and Norm who helped us find our dream home and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to fulfill their real estate needs. We know where we are going for all our future real estate needs, exclusively to this dynamic duo! Their knowledge is only complemented by their humility and kindness. We are very thankful we met them both and see a friend in them for life."

Rajan and Mudra Vashishat

"I was introduced to Norm and Lori through a mutual friend and they made my home-buying experience so easy and stress-free. This was my first home, and they were so great with walking me through all of the steps and fully explaining everything to me. There wasn't one time I felt lost or confused throughout the process. They were super on-top of what was coming on the market and making sure I was aware of it in time to get an offer submitted. Also, they were very knowledgeable about my VA benefits and even successfully negotiated a lower price for me when my VA appraisal came in low. Norm and Lori were incredibly helpful from start to finish and never made me feel like I was on my own. I would highly suggest Norm and Lori to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, especially first time buyers since they were so helpful and informative to me."

Josh Gonzales

"Me and my boyfriend worked with Lori and Norm this summer to purchase our first home in Kirkland. It was such a pleasure to work with Norm and Lori, they made the whole experience feel easy and seamless and actually meant we could enjoy the fact we were able to buy a home! We know from friends and family who have purchased before that this isn’t always the case, so the fact it felt that way really does speak volumes for the care and thought Lori and Norm put into supporting their clients. As first time buyers, we were nervous and somewhat green on the whole process. Lori and Norm took the time to explain every step of the house buying process to us, really going above and beyond to ensure we had the information and facts we would need to make the best decision for our future. They are clearly expert in the market, and were able to guide us effectively and provide an honest assessment of the homes we were viewing. They made us feel very safe in a time of COVID-19, always wearing masks and following the guidelines for house viewings. Both Lori and Norm were beyond flexible about scheduling and we felt like when we called with a home we liked them they were always ready to take us as soon as feasible and were very responsive. We would highly recommend Norm and Lori to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Seattle/ West Washington area."

November 2020

"The Weaver Team made my home buying experience very easy and fast for a first time home buyer. They were there throughout the time ready top on a call, emails and even after the house was closed (helped look for furniture and insurance :D). I was busy with work and without their guidance I would have not been able to manage both work and complete all the process involved without any hurdle.. I would recommend them to all my frieds and colleaues and will use them myself for my next purchase. Their energy and collaboration is amazing!!!"


"Lori and Norm Weaver of John L. Scott, are truly exceptional in their craft. My husband and I are so fortunate to have found such an amazing Realtor team who is always ahead of everything in making sure we get the best deal. From the second we met them at their office to the moment we signed the purchase of our investment home, they have been there for us through every step of the way. Lori is a super efficient and detail oriented professional. She was so responsive to all our questions and was always one call away. She values her client’s interests and demands and never makes them feel rushed into anything. Norm, likewise, is always on top of his game and also brings the best recommendations to the table. He knows what’s out there and anticipates the needs of his clients ahead of the time. I would highly recommend Lori and Norm, to everyone who's looking for a genuine Real estate agent. They are a power couple with great knowledge, excellent communication skills, years of experience in the field and most importantly, they treat you like family and work as hard as they can for you."

September 9, 2019

"Lori & Norm had been an excellent partners/buyer agents. They made our home buying process very smooth. We were not able to spend enough time in shortlisting homes, but Norm and Lori continuously searched for the better options based on our preferences and helped us find better homes. They also accommodated their schedules based on our convenience. As this has been the first home for us, we had in-numerous questions/doubts. Lori & Norm patiently and pleasantly handled all our questions. Their research on the homes and insights was extremely helpful for us in finding the right home. I would recommend Lori & Norm for anyone who is looking to buy a home.""

September 9, 2019

"The Weaver team listened to our needs and identified properties that met them. The were patient with our questions. They surrounded us with a team that brought us to closing in perfect shape. They were Also very kind and personable."

September 8, 2019

"The Weaver Team sold my house within 5 weeks and helped me find a new one in the neighborhood I wanted in my price range. Thanks."

September 8, 2019

"Very good experience, highly recommended for first time buyer like us."

August 14, 2019